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September 2, 2013
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Map of the Known Pony World by Sunset80 Map of the Known Pony World by Sunset80
This painting was commissioned by a long time pony lover who loved the art in the recent official map released for G4 but also wanted to see other generations represented. I did my best to replicate the official map while adding in new places mentioned in the show since the original maps creation as well as some made up places just for fun. We jointly decided to make places from G1-G3 a different continent in the same world. She also asked for Lord of the Rings references and I tried my best on that front. The painting is acrylic on canvas 24 in. x 48 in. This painting ended up being a good bit more complicated and time consuming than I had originally thought but now that I am finished and am pleased with it.

For those who are interested in owning a poster of my painting "Map of the Known Pony World." It will come in 12 x 18 in. and 20 x 30 in. You can find it for sale HERE

Just to answer a couple of recurring questions:

Yes, there is two Ponyvilles and yes, I did it on purpose :) Just consider G4 Ponyville the equivalent of Paris, France and G3 Ponyville like Paris, Texas. (I use this analogy because, yes, I am Texan.)

No, I do not follow the comic. I understand that it has expanded the world differently from my map. This doesn't bother me because going into this project, I knew that FIM isn't over and as soon as season 4 airs, I'm sure the writers will have created a whole host of new places that contradict my map. Hey, the writers of the show may even contradict the comic by the end of FIM's run. Now, when FIM is over and someone would like to commission me to do a super "cannon" accurate map, then sure! I'd be happy to.

Yes, I do take commissions :)

For those interested, this is the list of places that I made up.
Eyrie'a (Griffon's Nest), Dragonback Range, Great In-land Sea, StarMare Strait, Roanhan, Zebrabwe, Shire-ton, Whithersdell, Hocks Deep, Hippocampus Shoals, Asparas Sea, Seadragon Deep, and Capricorn Reef

A larger version of this image is now available to purchase as a download!
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So they are a pony myth...

elfmoon3 Mar 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your from Texas, ah'm from Texas 
Wow I think this would be awesome if the writers put these. 
Thinking about the Pony Tales' world again. I question how that would work. I mean it's meant to be set in a "modern" world so things like magic & flying unicorns are fictional. 

So the 5 million dollar question is: How do you have a country that doesn't believe in magic/ magical races be in the same world, thus easily prove they are real simply by going to a house a knocking on the door in another land?
That is a good question.  As far as I can tell, the ponies from Tales dont travel much outside of their own country.  After all there are no pegasus to fly long distances and no unicorns to travel by magic.  They have been visited once or twice by ponies from other lands but those visits were a long time ago and have been relegated to myth.

Speculation (on my part) is that there might be a type of anti-magic barrier ala Mercedes Lackey's Valdamar.
As a fan of all the MLP gens, I really love this!

Although....I'm curious, where would Tambelon be located on this? 0:
I deliberately decided not to include Tamblon since the episode implied that it was a land that was not strictly a part of the Ponyland world.  It appears and then disappears again by the end of the episode and is never mentioned again.  I considered it like an alternate world that only rarely intersects with the world the ponies live in.   Seeing as the unicorns were getting trapped in it while winking around Dream Valley, I see Tamblon as kind of overlaying Dream Valley just in a different dimension.

 For the same reason, I did not include Megan's home since she lives in the human world.
Ahh, makes sense uwu
Jo-san Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I remember seeing this on the Arena, awesoma worku~!
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